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Your safest option for Personnel Transfer Carrier

Your safest option for Personnel Transfer Carrier
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We would like to inform that we have been appointed as the exclusive distributor and approved service partner for Reflex Marine Ltd which is the manufacturer of offshore personnel transfer carrier.
The product has been recognized in the European market for quite some time. The equipment meets the EUROPEAN Standards and is Classification certified by ABS Statement of Fact.
WAVE-4 carrier is a 4 pax capacity for stand-in arrangement. 
FROG -XT4 (4 pax), FROG-XT6 (6 pax) and FROG-XT10 (10 pax) enclosed carriers and have seating arrangement.  
In general, the carriers are cost effective, offers impact protection, fall prevention, medical evacuation besides routine crew transfers and has floating and self-righting capabilities.  
Apart from that, all servicing, refurbishment and load test able to be done onboard.
You could view the video, it is added advantage during medical evacuation, these carriers can accommodate a stretcher.
Should you have further inquiries do not hesitate to contact us.

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